Insurance Verification


Insurance Verification

Incredibly powerful and important feature allows your staff to have up-to-the minute real time information regarding the insurance eligibility and benefits of your patients.

Becomes instanly availiable the moment a patient calls the office via the Smart CallerID pop up.

Our real time insurance verification automates a very important part of the patient fulfillment process.

Why Insurance Verification?

Our service can be completely automated, you can have your patients verified by the time the practice opens.

With support for over 100 insurance companies, we provide a quick check for your patient's activeness and their remaining benefits on the day of the service!

Insurance Verification is a part of our PatientXpress solution, please click the button below for more details!


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Compatiable Insurance Companies

The following is a list of insurance companies that currently communicate with PatientXpress to provide information on insurance eligibility and benefits.

Payer ID Insurance Companies (#-D)
7000 3M Dental Services
60054 Aetna Dental Plans
R7003 Alan Sturm & Associates
81040 Allegiance Benefit Plan Management, Inc.
50503 Altus Dental
60054 Bell Atlantic
R7003 Benefits, Inc. (Sturm & Associates)
TLY26 Blue Advantage
CBAL1 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama
53589 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona
CBAR1 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arkansas
89070 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware (UCCI)
89070 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana Advantage Plus Network
BCBSM Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
BCBSM Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Federal (FEP)
55093 Blue Cross Blue Shield of New York - Empire
BCSSC Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina
7000 Blue Plus Public Programs
62308 CIGNA
CIGN1 CIGNA International
80705 Canada Life Assurance Company
60054 Choice Plus
80705 Cigna Select (Formerly Known as Great West)
62308 Connecticut General (CIGNA)
62308 Continental Dental
60054 CustomCare (Southwestern Bell - Exec)
7000 DCASI
7035 DeCare Dental Health Insurance
55093 DeCare, Empire Claims
55093 DeCare, Empire Encounters
7035 DeCare Dental Health International (DDHI)
DDPFS Delta Dental - Tricare Retiree
DDAL1 Delta Dental Ins. Co. - Alabama
DDFL1 Delta Dental Ins. Co. - Florida
DDGA1 Delta Dental Ins. Co. - Georgia
DDLA1 Delta Dental Ins. Co. - Louisiana
DDMS1 Delta Dental Ins. Co. - Mississippi
DDMT1 Delta Dental Ins. Co. - Montana
DDNV1 Delta Dental Ins. Co. - Nevada
DDTX1 Delta Dental Ins. Co. - Texas
DDUT1 Delta Dental Ins. Co. - Utah
77777 Delta Dental of California
DDPCO Delta Dental of Colorado
22189 Delta Dental of Connecticut
51022 Delta Dental of Delaware
99010 Delta Dental of Hawaii
23166 Delta Dental of Maryland
7000 Delta Dental of Minnesota
CDNE1 Delta Dental of Nebraska
22189 Delta Dental of New Jersey
11198 Delta Dental of New York
56101 Delta Dental of North Carolina
CDND1 Delta Dental of North Dakota
DDPOK Delta Dental of Oklahoma
23166 Delta Dental of Pennsylvania
5029 Delta Dental of Rhode Island
54084 Delta Dental of Virginia
91062 Delta Dental of Washington
52147 Delta Dental of Washington DC
31096 Delta Dental of West Virginia
7000 Delta Minnesota Capitation
7000 Delta Minnesota DeltaCare Claims
7000 Delta Minnesota National Claims
7000 Delta Minnesota/Wells Fargo Claims
7000 Delta USA Dental Claims - Plan 005 MN
52133 Dental Benefit Providers
64246 Dental Guard Preferred
DX214 Deseret Mutual Benefit Administrators (DMBA)

Payer ID Insurance Companies (E-Z)
55093 Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield
55093 Empire Dental
62308 Equicor/Equitable
54771 Federal Employees Program
64246 First Commonwealth HMO Dental Plan
60054 FlexCare
76031 Florida Combined Life (Dental)
60054 Florida Power & Light
64246 Guardian Life Insurance Co. of America
68195 Healthsource Provident
WT069 Healthy Choice Benefit Plans
CX013 Hershey Healthsmile
R7005 MN Power
60054 Marriott
CKUT1 Medicaid of Utah
7000 Merps (NWA Executive Claims)
65978 MetLife
7000 NWA Claims
80705 ONE Health Plan Inc.
32069 Patriot Dental
60054 Preferred Dental Organization (PDO)
68195 Provident Life & Casualty Ins. Co
68195 Provident Life & Accident Ins. Co
68195 Provident Preferred Network
60054 Prudential Administered by Aetna
CX080 Public Employee Health Program (PEHP)
93742 Securian Dental
93842 Securian/Patriot Dental
CX107 SelectHealth
60054 Southwestern Bell
60054 Southwestern Bell Exec. - Custom Care
60054 Southwestern Bell Exec. - Southwest Bell
R7003 Sturm & Associates
60054 TRW
7000 Target Dental Services
DDPFS Tricare Retiree Dental Program
7000 UCare
62308 UFT Welfare Fund
89070 United Concordia (Encounters)
89070 United Concordia - Dental Plus - PA Blue Shield
54771 United Concordia - Federal Employees Program
89070 United Concordia - Tricare Dental Plan
89070 United Concordia Companies, Inc.
52133 United Healthcare
60054 Varian Health Care Plan
91062 Washington Dental Service (Delta Dental of Washington)