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  •   PatientXpress

    Supported Open Dental versions :

    Supported Practice Web versions :

  •   Teamviewer for Remote Support

    In order for us to provide you technical support, we must be able to view your computer screen to accurately understand and address any issues. Teamviewer will allow a Support Representative to log on and remotely control your computer. Please click the button below to install.

    You can choose to Run, Open, or Install. Also you may be asked to install a shortcut on your Desktop for quick one-click access if support is ever needed.

    Download Teamviewer
  •   Microsoft .NetFramework

    .NetFramework is a software framework developed by Microsoft providing services and libraries to applications and developers. This is essential for PatientXpress to work properly with your practice's computer. Please click the button below to install.

    Download .NetFramework 4.5

PatientXpress on YouTube

HRD SQ will be publishing tutorial videos on a weekly basis highlighting select features and demonstrating new advancements with PatientXpress. Please visit us and below is a small preview of what to expect!

PatientXpress on YouTube

Turning Off Smart CallerID

Some computers with PatientXpress do not need to have Smart CallerID appearing every single time a call comes in.
Because of your overwhelming feedback, we have provided a way to shut this off at your practice's convenience!

Requesting Patient Feedback via HTML Email

Showcases our Reputation Management feature of PatientXpress. Target your feedback requests to patients who've had positive experiences while protecting your practice's online reputation!

Appointment Confirmation via HTML Email

Powerful appointment confirmation feature that demonstrates PatientXpress' tight integration with Open Dental!

Creating an HTML Email Template

Create beautiful emails with your practice's logo, icons and photos. You can use these templates for newsletters, appointment confirmation, feedback requests, or any other marketing campaign


Have a tutorial request? Feel free to contact us and let us know!

Contact Us
  • 1. Do I need to change my phone system to use PatientXpress?Absolutely not, you do not need to change your system to be able to use PatientXpress. It does not disturb or disrupt your existing setup.
  • 2. How much does it cost? PatientXpress is a subscription based service. Please contact us for further explanation.
  • 3. What Practice Management softwares does PatientXpress work with?It currently works with Open Dental, Practice-Web and some minor support for Eaglesoft and Dentrix
  • 4. How safe is my Patient data?PatientXpress does not store any data outside of your already installed practice management software, i.e. in short your patient data is completely secure.
  • 5. Is there a setup cost?No, there is no installation cost.
  • 6. I have two locations, can we use one account or must we pay for two?Just like your practice management software, PatientXpress is also specific to physical office location. A new license is required for each physical office location.
  • 7. What is the duration of the contract?It’s a monthly contract.
  • 8. Do I need any extra software?No, you do not need any other third party software to support PatientXpress. Broadband internet connection is required.
  • 9. Can you move the data from my existing Practice Management Software?PatientXpress is a plugin; it will be integrated to the already installed Practice Management Software and will work on the data present. It will not move the data around.
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